Monday, August 13, 2012

Response to Blog Stage 7

I have seen and heard many reports about this new racing track being built in Austin that is mentioned in this blog post. Although it will cost the state money to be built and maintained, it is clear that the revenues from the track will largely outweigh the expenses. However, how will these revenues be split? Clearly, not all the revenues will go towards the state of Texas but one would assume that Texas will stay make money on this effort else the plan would never have been implemented.
            It is quite a shock to hear that a Grand Prix race hasn’t been run in the states since 2007. When one hears about a Grand Prix race being run, it is often associated with some of the most beautiful and entertaining cities in the world. It is a pleasure to hear that Austin will be added to this list for at least the next ten years.
            Austin, especially as of late, has been known as a great music city. With the addition of The Tower Amphitheatre, that reputation will only be bolstered. By having a music venue right next to a race track, it will allow for a great combination of events to be held. It will also bring greater attention to racing from music fans that may otherwise be uninterested or uniformed. The addition of these two venues will clearly bolster the Texas government as well as Austin’s status for being a marvelous city.

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