Monday, July 16, 2012

Many Americans, Texans included, have been keeping tabs on the proposed health care bill that the Supreme Court recently said was constitutional. Whether or not one agrees with the decision or not, it will impact many Texas citizens who currently have no health care. However, Rick Perry isn’t about to let the Supreme Court change his mind on the issue. This Austin Chronicle article talks about Perry’s plan to not enforce the law. This is very important to all Texan residence, whether or not they have health care or not. For those who have health care, this act will turn back billions of dollars in federal funding which will then be paid for through taxes. For those that don’t have health care, they will see little need to obey the federal law if Texas medical centers are told not to follow the policy, as Perry wishes. This decision on the Governor’s part has implications statewide and therefore it is important for Texans to stay up to date on the health care law and Rick Perry’s handling of it.

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