Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tragedy turns political

Nobody could have guessed what was going to happen early Friday morning in Aurora, Colorado, where a deranged man shot up a movie theatre. I woke up to this news in shock, as did the whole nation. Every channel, local and national, was covering the event. I couldn’t help but notice the politics involved in covering the case. As stated in The Aurora Killing Spree and the Left’s Mad Dash to Somehow Pin it on the Right, Robbie Cooper noticed as well.
He believes that liberals in media were doing everything possible to find ways to connect the shooting to conservatives. He uses an example that Brian Ross, of ABC News, found someone, of the same name as the alleged shooter, on a Colorado Tea Party list and publicized this information. Although the author is clearly conservative in nature, and out to get the other side, he has a point. In no way was it necessary for Brian Ross to go digging into a Tea Party list to try to find some connection with the shooter. What makes the situation even worse is that the alleged shooter and the man on the Tea Party list are two completely different people.
He continues on to explain that both Obama, and Mitt Romney “suspended their campaigning” on the day of the tragedy. He questions their motives, wondering how this is under the jurisdiction of either one of them. As human beings, they feel compassion, as does everyone else that hears about such awful circumstances. At the same time, announcements of “suspended campaigns” seem to be just another part of their campaigns.
Moreover, Cooper talks about how Michael Bloomberg and Piers Morgan used the situation to advocate their opinion on stricter gun regulations. Although this may seem like an obvious solution to the immediate problem, it is a brash oversimplification of what happened. Both men seem to be taking full advantage of the situation to strengthen their beliefs.
UrbanGrounds, the website on which this post was written, is clearly a conservative blog. The fact that it is a blog that has ties to one side of the political spectrum may decrease its credibility as a whole, this article included. Nonetheless, the author uses facts to back up his claims of liberal media members using the situation to their advantages. In conclusion, this is an event that should not be taken lightly. Conversely, when viewing coverage of it, one must realize that although the media may seem to be merely reporting, there are always going to be certain opinions on how it is reported, and the real goal behind it.

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